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Culinary season in the restaurant "Romanov"

Culinary season in the restaurant «Romanov»

Great news from the restaurant Romanov!

In May, the chef of restaurant Romanov Alexey Sleptsov opens culinary season, offering its guests new menu consisting of a variety of delicious Mediterranean, European and Russian cuisines.

On the menu: an appetizer - a classic Olivier salad with beef tongue and crayfish, tuna tartar with avocado and tomatoes, as well as grilled scallops with lobster sauce and black olives. The first dish - a traditional Russian borsch with sour cream and onion soup. For the main course - skoblyanka «Petrovskaya» with beef, potatoes and mushrooms. And for dessert - vanilla blancmange with ripe strawberries and melissa. We are delighted to welcome You!