Hotel Address: 17 bldg. 1, Neglinnaya St., 127051, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 925-30-50
+7 (495) 191-19-02
Book a room:
+7 (909) 654-76-96
Free Wi-Fi

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How to reach the hotel from the airport by metro

  • Vnukovo airport:

    Aeroexpress (schedule) to Kievsky railway station,
    from Kievskaya subway station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line)
    to Ploschad Revolutsii – 6 min.

  • Domodedovo airport:

    Aeroexpress (schedule) to Paveletsky railway station,
    from Paveletskaya subway station (Zamoskvoretskaya line)
    to Teatralnaya – 5 min.

  • Sheremetyevo airport:

    Aeroexpress (schedule) to Belorussky railway station,
    from Beloruskaya subway station (Zamoskvoretskaya line)
    to Teatralnaya – 4 min.