Hotel Peter The 1st, Moscow
Hotel Address: 17 bldg. 1, Neglinnaya St., 127051, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 925-30-50
+7 (495) 191-19-02
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The "Romanov" restaurant menu

Main menu
Cold appetizers
50/150/50 Salmon caviar served with pancakes and sour cream 790árub.
150/75 Assorted fish platter: cold smoked halibut fillet, hot smoked salmon and smoked eel 990árub.
100/35/75 Salmon Gravadlax with honey-mustard sauce and toasts 750 rub.
120/45/70/135 Assorted herring with boiled potatoes and rye croutons 490árub.
75/40/30 Boiled veal tongue, served with mustard and horseradish 550árub.
135 Cod liver bruschetta on toasted tomato baguette 340árub.
120/50/5 Parma ham with Bresaola beef and Coppa ham with melon 790árub.
120/40/20 Beef tenderloin tartare with parmesan cheese and capers 850árub.
250 Assorted pickles vegetables 490árub.
150 Assorted mushrooms 490árub.
200/200/25 Cheese plate with honey and cheese sticks 1190árub.
190 Greek salad with Feta cheese, fresh vegetables, olives and lemon dressing 610árub.
170 Arugula salad with grilled tiger shrimps and pepper-ginger sauce 990árub.
95/40/20/100 Warm salad with scallops and grilled asparagus, served with tomato-estragon sauce 1250 rub.
Romanov salad served with Cesar sauce
1120 with chicken fillet 610árub.
185/40 with shrimps 790árub.
150/45 with juniper berry hot smoked salmon 740árub.
Classical Olivier salad
125/35 with veal tongue 540árub.
135/30 with crab meat 950árub.
180 Roast beef salad with fried mushrooms and Teriyaki sauce 890árub.
175/10 Fresh vegetable salad with mozzarella, parmesan chips and basil guacamole sauce 640árub.
160 Salad with Kamchatka crab meat, avocado, asparagus, arugula salad,dressed with walnut sauce and passion fruit 1250árub.

Hot appetizers
90/50 Crab and vegetable casserole 990árub.
120/75 Grilled scallop served with mashed pumpkin and ginger-pepper sauce 1190árub.
250/75/30 Traditional Russian dumplings with broth 690árub.
150/28 Russian pancakes served with your choice: jam, honey or sour cream 300árub.
45/1 Assorted pies 150árub.
300/35 Creamy pumpkin soup with cedar nuts and guacamole cream 490árub.
250/25 Creamy porcini soup 490árub.
250/25 Russian borsch with sour cream 450árub.
250 Soup goulash with potatoes and belle pepper 590árub.
250/30 Homemade noodle soup with chicken fillet 450árub.
250 Soup źKurlyandskiy╗ with salmon, fennel and leek 550árub.
250 Russian meat solyanka 450árub.
Pasta & Risotto
220/30 Spaghetti źCarbonara╗ with bacon and Parmesan cheese 740árub.
210/50 Pappardelle with ceps and dried tomatoes 850árub.
255/30 Tagliatelle with tiger shrimps and creamy saffron sauce 950árub.
220/40 Penne with salmon, cream souce and parmesan cheese 980árub.
240 Thai-style rice noodles with vegetables and seafood 740árub.
170/30 Risotto with pumpkin and vegetables 510árub.
190/95/40 Risotto with shrimps and mussels 1150árub.
Meat and poultry dishes
150/140/50 Beef fillet served with fried mini potatoes, young vegetables and sauce with rooster combs 1290árub.
200/50/100 Marbled beef Ribeye steak served with potatoes and red wine sauce 1900.00
100/100/80 Beef Stroganoff served with fried potatoes and onion fries 990.00
140/120/50 Grilled lamb chops with vegetable tagliatelleand rosemary sauce 1900.00
180/50/140 Beef cutlet with onions and bacon, served grilled vegetables and tomato sauce 850.00
190/50/130 Chicken cutlet with mustard sauce, served with baked leek and cherry tomatoes 750.00
150/70/50 Đhicken Kiev cutlet with baked apples and shoestring fries 890.00
140/110/35 Pork chop fried with ­armesan served with asparagus and lemon 740.00
Fish Dishes
325 Seafood Casserole with mozzarella cheese and Bisque sauce 1190árub.
1 PC./215/50 Sterlet fish smoked with alder sawdust, served with young vegetables and bisque sauce 2200árub.
250/50/40 Grilled scampi with pak choi salad, garlic and basil sauce 1250árub.
120/140/45/50 Cod fish cakes with spinach and caviar sauce 710árub.
250/115 Grilled dorado fish served with asparagus 1090árub.
470/32/50 Sea bass, baked with potatoes and tomatoes, served with Vierge sauce 990árub.
140/185/45 Grilled salmon fillet with spinach and asparagus 1140árub.
Grilled dishes
140 Salmon fillet 840árub.
125 Chicken fillet 550árub.
150 Beef fillet steak 990árub.
200 Ribeye steak 1900árub.
Side Dishes
150 Baked potatoes with paprika 300árub.
150 Mashed potatoes 250árub.
150 Boiled rice 250árub.
150 Grilled vegetables: bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes 300árub.
150 Fried spinach with onions 350árub.
150 Buckwheat fried with onions, carrots and bacon 300árub.
110 "Chocolate Alcazar" Chocolate sponge cake with almonds and ganache 440árub.
150 New Caledonia - caramelized pineapple & banana soufflé 440árub.
150 Coffee Esterházy cake 440árub.
150 Baileys chocolate cake 490árub.
160 Russian honey cake with yoghurt ice cream 440árub.
150 Trilogy - triple layer chocolate mousse on marzipan biscuit 440árub.
165 American cheesecake with vanilla and fruit sauce 490árub.
150 Almond roll with fruit and mango sauce 490árub.
190 Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and vanilla ice cream 490árub.
150 Classic Tiramisu with Savoiardi biscuits 490árub.
130/25/25 Fresh berries: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry served of Your choice with whipped cream or powdered sugar 1190árub.
250 Assorted fresh fruits 490árub.
217 Assorted ice cream or sorbet in a honey basket 790árub.
Soft drinks
250/750 źSan Benedetto╗ sparkling/still, Italy 250/450árub.
330/750 źPerrier╗ sparkling , France 300/450árub.
330/500 źPeter 1╗ still, Russia 200/300árub.
250/750 źEnhel H2╗ hydrogen 350/550árub.
250 źBaikal╗ still, sparkling, Russia 200árub.
330 źBorjomi╗, Georgia 300árub.
250 Tonic 200árub.
330 Coca-Cola , Coca-Cola zero 250árub.
250 Cranberry drink 200árub.
300 Apple-Rosemary 400árub.
300 Spicy cranberry 400árub.
300 Ginger lemonade 400árub.
300 Classic citrus 400árub.
300 Pear lemonade 400árub.
300 Tropical lemonade 400árub.
300 Mojito non-alcoholic 400árub.
300 Aperol non-alcoholic 400árub.

300 Vanilla 350árub.
300 Chocolate 350árub.
300 Strawberry 350árub.
Freshly squeezed juices
250 Fresh orange juice 350árub.
250 Fresh grapefruit juice 350árub.
250 Fresh carrot juice 350árub.
250 Fresh pineapple juice 500árub.
250 Fresh apple juice 350árub.
250 Fresh celery juice 350árub.
Tea with fresh fruits and berries
450 Ginger tea 550árub.
450 Tea with apple and cinnamon 550árub.
450 Cranberry tea 550árub.
450 Buckthorn tea 550árub.
450 Raspberries ľ Mint tea 550árub.
Twg tea
600 English Breakfast 490árub.
600 French Earl Grey 490árub.
600 Darjeeling 490árub.
600 Gunpowder supreme 490árub.
600 Jasmine Queen 490árub.
600 Weekend in Moscow 490árub.
600 Fruit mountain 490árub.
600 Milk Oolong 490árub.
Herbal tea
600 Tea with thyme 490árub.
600 Russian tradition 490árub.
600 Rose hip 490árub.
600 Chamomile flowers 490árub.
600 Moroccan mint 490árub.
600 Linden tea 490árub.
600 Fire cherry 490árub.
40 Espresso 250árub.
200 American coffee 280árub.
40 Espresso Decaffeinated 280árub.
80 Double Espresso 350árub.
80 Double Espresso Decaffeinated 350árub.
200 Cappuccino classic 300árub.
200 Coffee Latte Machiato classic 300árub.
180 Hot chocolate 390árub.
Draught beer
300 Zhiguli beer, Russia 300 rub.
300 Krombacher Hell, Germany 400 rub.
Bottled beer
330 Budwieser, Czech Republic 390 rub.
355 Corona Extra, Mexico 390 rub.
330 Zhiguli beer, Russia 300 rub.
330 Erdinger Weissbier, Germany 390 rub.
330 Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic, Germany 390 rub.